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PostHeaderIcon Choosing a Learn to Skate Program for Your Player

Hockey Parent 101 article.

By Paul O’Donnell

The sport of ice hockey has evolved considerably over the past few decades.  Through trial and error, the most well-known hockey authorities from around the world have come to understand the benefits that come from putting considerable time and resources into training their youngest and least experienced players.  Knowledgeable hockey administrators understand that it is crucial that a young player establish proper skating techniques and mechanics as early as possible during their introduction period to hockey.

Even though USA Hockey the nationally recognized governing body in our country has established training practices for all hockey levels, including the earliest levels of training, there is still very little consistency from program to program in how these training practices are carried out especially at the lowest level.  The vast majority of training that is offered through most skating arenas is largely left in the capable hands of the hockey directors running the programs.  Unfortunately, finding out how capable those hands are, can sometimes turn into a frustrating task without a proper knowledge base to make an informed decision.

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