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PostHeaderIcon The State of Youth Hockey in Illinois

Hockey Stop Magazine Commentary

By Paul O’Donnell

Several months ago, during a conversation with a nationally respected hockey colleague concerning general youth hockey issues around the country, our talk eventually evolved into a discussion about the state of youth hockey in Illinois. With an impressive understanding and knowledge of youth hockey throughout the U.S. he began asking questions, trying to gain a deeper insight into the youth hockey of our state. His name is unimportant, but since our conversation there isn’t a significant period of time that goes by where one or two of his queries or insights about youth hockey in Illinois has failed to enter my thoughts.

During the course of our conversation he asked a very insightful question which could have been considered rhetorical if he hadn’t been looking for a response.  His question to me was this: “For the life of me I can’t understand, for as long as youth hockey has been around in Illinois, why it isn’t farther along than it is?”

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